Thursday, 16 July 2015

Start That Novel Group

It's been a while since I last posted but I have been busy working away. I've recently completed a new manuscript and cover designs which has now been sent off. I've also been arranging the start up of a new writers group as part of the Greenacre Writers. The group currently has two Finish That Novel groups and a Short Story group but they are both aimed at writers already proficient in their craft. That left a gap for those just starting out or seeking to move from one discipline to the other, for example short stories to novel writing.

I decided that it would be great to start a group aimed at building rather than just polishing members skills and agreed to set up the new group. We now have four members all ready to embark and the first meeting will be at the beginning of August. I'm excited to see the direction this new group will take and the mix of skills it will contain, as some of the members will already be established in short story/ flash fiction and some will be complete beginners. No, let's not even mention the possibility of an intermediate group...

Anyway, I'm planning on getting some interviews and reviews posted here soon and I'll keep you posted on the progression of the new group. If the members agree, I may even post a few paragraphs of their best work.

Happy writing all!

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