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Released 29th August 2014

My debut novel. A Steampunk adventure of time travel and discovery. A battle to save humanities history and freedom from a force that seeks to overwrite all civilizations and cultures with their own. 

Only the peaceful civilization of Atlantis can hope to stand against this new master civilization. But can they find the power to overcome a vastly superior force, against their own peaceful nature?   


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An anthology of work in which I am privileged to have a story included "A Creeping Corruption". It contains short stories written by members of the Greenacre Writers group, along with winners of the 2012 Short Story Competition, run by the Greenacre Writers group for non Greenacre members. It has been skillfully edited by Rosie Canning and Lindsay Bamfield.

An anthology of more excellent pieces from the Greenacre Writers Group, including one of mine "The Windswept Cherry Tree". It also contains the three winning and three runner up stories from the 2013 Greenacre Writers Short Story competition. Edited by Rosie Canning and Lindsay Bamfield.