About Me

I am a writer, artist and a keen gamer. I write mainly Sci-fi, Fantasy and Steampunk which I also love reading. During my free time, when I'm not writing, I love playing computer games and watching anime.

My art side has allowed me to make my own front cover for my forthcoming title Atlantis and the Game of Time. My publisher, Kristell Ink, have very talented artists working for them, doing the book covers. However, as an artist and a writer, I find a certain fulfillment bringing the image in my mind and in words into a visual form. I love art as much as writing as it is another strong medium for creating and bringing new worlds to life. Particularly 3d art, which once imported into game engine allows others to fully step into the world, explore and interact, in a way no other medium allows.

With my gaming, I play many different genres but have to admit to being particularly fond of RPGs. My love of games has already found its way into my writing, as I once had to admit to doing some historical research, for a novel, in a computer game. Something which shocked and fascinated the member of my writing group who asked if I'd been there.

Only people who play games can understand the amount of effort and work which goes into researching, sourcing and designing characters and environments. The 3d medium is not forgiving. When players are given free rein in an environment, they will notice the details, and not getting those right can ruin the immersion of the game and alienate players.

If I can't physically go to a city I need as a setting,  then the next best thing is a 3d representation made by people who have been there and photographed every tiny detail. With standard photos there is always that question left of what is just around the corner? With a 3d model you can go there and find out. Cities and cultures long extinct can be revived just as they can in books and I find that truly magical.

For me, writing and art is all about creation, vision and sharing new worlds with others. Giving people experiences they would otherwise not have and helping them step outside the box of our real world, to escape the restrain of what is deemed possible, and to share with them the excitement that fresh perspective brings. Writers are not just writers and artists are not just artists they are above all creators.