Sunday, 25 May 2014

Anthology Launch

Okay, reporting back as promised and thankfully it all went fine. There is hope for the festival main event yet. Last year, despite reading my piece out really well, I got the shakes very badly and had to stop short. I explored different ways to cope with this. A few people suggested dutch courage. After careful consideration I decided not to go with that. It would have worked, to be fair, but it would also have only treated the symptom rather than the cause. I decided the best way was to conquer the fear itself.

My solution is going to strike most people as rather strange, and I'm not saying it will work for everyone, but I beat my fear by watching documentaries on D-day before I left. It gives a person a certain sense of perspective and quite frankly the task of reading a short piece of writing in front of few dozen people pales in comparison and makes the whole fear feel quite foolish. I guess the aim of this usual activity was to get myself to uh man up and realize what is actually important in life and worth worrying about and that this situation really was not it. I'm hoping it will stick. Anyway, drama over and back to life, or Wildstar if the servers were up but they're not so I'm going to play The Binding of Issac.

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