Friday, 1 August 2014

Back Writing Again: Atlantis Sequel

Now the trailer for my novel is complete, I have finally been able to get back to writing. I've done pretty much no writing so far this year, with the time sapped by doing my book cover and helping out with the Finchley Literary Festival and then my book trailer. It's been a real busy year. And, you know, I have enjoyed doing all those things, but there were so many time when I just wanted to sit down and write. Last Saturday that time finally came and I started on a new novel. Yes, I do have plenty of other novels that need completing and should probably be finishing one of those but with the editing work I've been doing on 'Atlantis and the Game of Time' it left me really hankering after another time travelling adventure.

I've been planning the sequel in my mind for over a year now. The reason I haven't started writing before is that I only have the first half of the novel planned with little idea where the second half is going, but I guess that's fine. When I started the first novel, I had pretty much no idea where that one was going and it somehow managed to organise itself. After all, in writing, I find that discovering is half the fun. Just so long as it's not discovering a problem that means you have rewrite the whole novel, that is... Anyway, hoping that's not going to happen.

So, here comes the big question; how much can I reveal here on the sequel? Well, this novel is set not just in the past and present but also the future (relative to the book timeline not our own). There will be more pranks, popes beware, and more time travelling, back to the Aztecs, Babylon and some new time periods...spoilers! I will also reveal the title which is 'Atlantis and the Daughter of Chaos'.

Anyway, I'm currently one and a half chapters in and I'm having fun already. Here's hoping that fun continues.

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