Sunday, 7 September 2014

A Versatile Blogger

Many thanks to Rosie Canning for nominating me as a versatile blogger. She blogs on a wide range of topics and highlights some worthy subjects as well as blogging on writing events.

I have only just started my blogging journey back in May this year. At this time I attended a very good blogging workshop by Emily Benet. It was a very interesting and informative workshop where she explained the main rules of effective blogging, such as update often, preferably every week. Try to stick to one topic and never run two blogs at the same time as blogging takes up a lot of time.

I apologise Emily, I straight away broke that rule by setting up two blogs. The reason I did it was that I my original intention was to create a creative writing blog about my writing and the process of publication of my novel, but there is also another part of my life which important to me which is my gamer life (computer gaming). The two topics do not go together and yet I gain a lot of inspiration from my gaming and so I still felt it relevant.

The result is the setup you can see here, with my writing blog on the left and my gamer blog link on the right, so readers can switch from one to the other. This gives consistency on each blog and retains the ability for people to know what to expect from both blogs as set out in the title. This has come at a price as neither blog gets updated once a week but I still believe I made the right call.

On my author blog I restrict my blogging to the following topics - Writing, publishing news, book reviews, my digital art projects.

On my gamer blog I restrict to the following topics - Game reviews, online gaming experiences, movie reviews and anything else geeky- anime, comics etc

It is my next task to give seven random things about myself:

1 -I love chocolate, a lot.

2- I still sleep with my teddy bear that I've had since I was born. Sad, I know.

3- My flat is nearly always a mess, as I spend more time on writing and art than cleaning.

4- I have a drawer at work that is kept almost exclusively for chocolate bars and has a selection of about twenty different types.    

5- I never manage to eat my five a day and when that was raised to seven I gave up all hope.

6 - I once laughed in my dentist's face when he suggested I should give up sweets and chocolate. He wasn't impressed.

7 - I resent when asking for a glass of coke being asked if I want the diet version. Seriously, do I look fat and like I need to be on a diet? Don't answer that.

Here is a list of my fellow bloggers whom I nominate:

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