Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Finchley Literary Festival - Blog Workshop

So, a fresh and wonderful Saturday morning. It started with the launch of the Wildstar head start, but that will be listed in a separate blog as I've decided to keep separate blogs for writing and art, and gaming. So, after a hasty Wildstar session I left, later than planned for my booked blogging workshop, part of the Finchley Literary Festival. To get there on time, I started at a jog.

I have to confess, I've long had an intention to, one day, do a marathon run. I've always considered myself a fit person. I walk over five miles per office day to work and back, rather than take the train or bus. This brief jog killed that hope. My calf muscles started burning before I even hit the end of my street, about a sixth of the way. Really doesn't bode well. If it takes less than 500 meters to cause that then running 26 miles is clearly out of the question. Anyway, back to topic.

I reached the venue, a little out of breath but still on my feet. I was, thankfully,just on time. I have to confess to grinning a little when a couple of people arrived late, disrupting the session, with the thought, glad it's not me, in my head.

The workshop was very interesting. There was one guy who really got on my nerves asking questions every three seconds. Mostly irrelevant questions or ones which you only needed a scrap of common sense to know the answer to, but I'm guessing that wasn't an entry requirement.

I learnt a great deal about how to layout and use a blog, which I'm hoping shows on this very blog. Including the links to Facebook, Twitter etc which, by the way, I'm not all that good a using either. A main theme of the workshop seemed to be in creating an original blog with the aim of getting it published. This is not, in anyway my intention. I write speculative fiction and write to escape the real world. I will never be writing memoir or anything similar. If anyone wants that level of detail on my life they can get it here for free.

Anyway, this post is becoming an essay on its own, so I'm going to stop here.

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