Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Atlantis City Model - Areas Cut

With two months left until the release of my novel I have just started on the process of creating a trailer for it. Unfortunately, I have decided that the majority of the areas of the city I had planned to feature will now not be included. This is due to a few considerations, the aim being the need to create a gripping not to show off all the work I put into the model for the back cover of the book. Also, because I ended up modelling such a large area, I had to compromise on quality, due to time constraints and the processing capabilities of my hardware.

The trailer will now feature only one outside area of the city, possibly, the main dock. As they have been cut I have rendered out some images of the areas cut as they are, many were not full completed anyway, due to lack of trees and in the case of the university. no door, with a window left in its place as a temporary holder.

Here are some renders of areas not in the trailer:

Here is a full city render, so you can see the size and structure of the whole thing:

Anyway, it was all good practice in getting to know a new modelling package, seeing as I trained in another at uni and hadn't touched this one. I'm not too upset. Onward and upward!

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