Thursday, 19 June 2014

In Search of Gods and Heroes - Launch

This is an event I had been looking forward to for a while, partly due to the cats, admittedly but mainly because I've been looking forward to meeting Sammy and the Grimbold team for a while. This was a nice relaxed meet up. We met at All Bar One for a meal before the main launch event and had some very important and in depth debates on  serious topics such as um... Doctor Who and Harry Potter. Hey! I think those subjects are important.

Anyway, we had a great chat and then moved on to Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium and yes, I will admit, I have been really wanting to go here. I am a bit of a cat lover. I just really think that cat cafes are a fantastic idea and I think there should be more of them, so long as the cats are well looked after, that is. I can confirm that the cats at Lady Dinah's are well pampered and very happy little kitties.

Anyway, getting off topic here. It was great to talk to other Kristell Ink and Grimbold authors and to find out what the next stage of the publication process is like as my novel has just been handed over the editor. Nervous times.

Of course, the main focus of the event is Sammy's book - In Search of Gods and Heroes. Which I have a copy of and as soon as I've read it, I will do a review, right here on this blog. She read out a section which really whetted my appetite but, unfortunately, I can't read iut right away as I'm current embroiled in a battle to level 50 in Wildstar, so I can post a review of that but right after I will be hitting the book and looking forward to it. Might take a while, though as Wildstar is proving a time sink. I'll comment further on this in the review on my Gamer Blog.

This was a really good event. It was great meeting everyone and, of course, I got a signed copy of Sammy's book. No you can't have it! Mine!

Here is a photo taken at the end of the evening of the Grimbolders left after 11pm. Yes it was a late one:

Joel actually looks quite scary. I think it's the shadows. He's not, though, really.

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